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2020/4/18 11:58:54

For the working people, the happiest thing is to lose the bag, take off the formal clothes, hold the mobile phone, and sink into the couch, unable to extricate themselves! Watching movies, reading books, meditating, taking a nap, taking a nap...

[slacker sofa] is also called lazy bone, soft home, Doudou bag and Beanbag. It is a large bag. The outer coat can be polyester cloth, pure cotton cloth, suede, plush, etc. the inner cover is a non-woven fabric cover with good permeability, and the inner cover is filled with high-density poly styrene particles or other filling materials.

Because the lazy sofa, without a skeleton and free modeling, can make the whole person enjoy the lazy private space, which is a way to relieve the pressure and physical and mental fatigue. Is it true that some people say that the couch is not good for the waist? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of lazy sofa!


Generally speaking, the fabric used for the couch is t / C canvas, which is more colorful in color, without the appearance of cotton ball, without fading or deformation, so it is welcomed by many families.

Without wood as a support, it is generally designed with cloth and sponge, so it is very comfortable to sit.

It's convenient to move, especially when you want to bathe in the sun in winter. Of course, if you are tired of watching TV while sitting, it can also be used for you to lie down and watch TV, and all kinds of shapes can be controlled.


1. Sitting on a thick, soft sofa is like sitting on a pile of loose sand. In fact, there is no place where the muscles of the whole body are completely relaxed. The whole muscle tissue will be under abnormal tension and compression. A long time may lead to muscle strain, scoliosis, cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc herniation. Therefore, for people with cervical spondylosis, it's better not to use the couch too often, for a long time.

2. Because it is too soft and comfortable, it is easy to cause "lazy cancer", ha ha! So, instead of lying on the couch all day, it's better to get up and walk more.


Fabric is the key factor to determine the price of couch. The lounger sofa made of pure cotton fabric is soft and breathable, natural and environmental friendly, close to the skin, which is widely used in the market at present. The lounger sofa made of linen and denim is more wear-resistant, not easy to fold, not fade, not pilling, but also to prevent static electricity; the lounger sofa made of flannelette is soft and delicate, fashionable in appearance, dustproof and antifouling, but easy to generate static electricity.


There are several kinds of stuffing in lazy sofa, such as foam granules, styrofoam, pp. cotton and pearl cotton. Here are the characteristics of these materials.

Foam pellet foam is a high molecular polymer, which is cool in winter and cool in summer, and has fluidity. It is one of the main materials for lazy sofa. Lying on the lazy sofa filled with foam particles, it has excellent elasticity, no static electricity and good handle. It also has a series of superior characteristics of heat preservation, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-friction, anti-aging and corrosion resistance. After using the sofa for a period of time, it will shrink. At this time, some particles need to be added again to restore the original shape of the sofa.

2. Set sponge is made of polyurethane material, and then made into different shapes of sponge through mold. Shaped sponge is a porous material, which will bounce back after pressing. It's especially good as the filling material for the couch. It has good elasticity, good resistance, no deformation, no peculiar smell, and has the characteristics of high efficiency flame retardant, good tensile force, large elasticity, no deformation and so on.

3. PP cotton is commonly known as doll cotton and hollow cotton, also known as filling cotton. The original material is recycled polyester short fiber fabric. There are two kinds of common fiber and hollow fiber commonly used on the market. The product has good resilience, smooth hand feel, low price and good warmth retention. Compared with other materials for making lounger sofa, ppcotton is inferior, and its elasticity is not as good as that of styrofoam.

4. Pearl cotton pearl cotton has many advantages, such as moisture-proof, sound insulation, heat preservation, environmental protection, not easy to board. It's the most suitable filling for a couch. It is very similar to ppcotton, in the form of granules, with the characteristics of not easy to harden, with very good resilience.

There are basically four kinds of filling materials, of which the application of polyfoam is widely used.


Lazy sofa is rich in color, so we should choose according to the decoration style of our own home. Basically, we can choose the style by referring to the furniture, wallpaper and curtain of our home.

Comfort degree

Buy any sofa to try to sit, sit, to grasp the appropriate soft, too soft must be vigilant. Too soft sofa is not necessarily a problem of quality, but the "sinking feeling" makes people easy to become "couch potato". After the human body sits down, the sofa cushion is best with a depression of about 10 cm.

The easiest way to judge whether a sofa is good or bad is to sit for a while. If you move it only three times in an hour, it's a good sofa. A good sofa can hardly feel the existence of a sofa, but it can feel a strong support force. A good sofa generally has a zipper at the bottom, which allows you to open and check the spring and filler; Good sofa is comfortable to sit in all kinds of postures, and it will sink into it when sitting cross legged; ordinary sofa will be moderate in hardness and softness; good sofa will be heavier, but leather sofa will generally be heavier than cloth sofa; good sofa springs will be noise reduced.


Lounger sofa is different from the traditional ordinary sofa. Its biggest advantage is its portability. He is a new type of small flat simple furniture, it does not need to have a specific fixed location, room, study, or even desk, as long as there is a small place, that is its site. Such wonderful simple furniture makes the price and design of lazy sofa have different concepts. The appearance of new furniture will affect its price gap, from tens to thousands.


Lazy sofa material style is different, the range of brands you can choose is different. The key is to confirm the fabric, filler, style and so on. For example, bean bag couch is popular for Muji, lucky sac, nitori and so on.


Size: at present, the size of single couch is 800 * 950 * 860mm, which is determined according to the height of Chinese people and the size of home. The size of single couch in Europe and America is generally one size larger than that in China, because people in Europe and America are generally tall. On the market, there are other sizes of single lazy sofa. Small knitting suggests that you can choose according to your height.

Differ from man to man

For the elderly, the height of the sofa should be moderate. If it is too low, it is not convenient to sit down and get up. For the newly married couple, the safety and durability of the future baby after birth should be considered when buying the sofa. The sofa cannot have sharp and hard edges and corners, and its color should be bright and lively.

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